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“Smartcure”, The Medical App

A peak traffic hour and an important meeting at office usually makes a person suffer a lot with minor illnesses avoiding him to visit a clinic and take routine consultations.  Resulting in either increase in severity of the illness or self medication which later has chronic side effects.

I am not against visiting a clinic and waiting for hours among seriously ill patients to see a doctor for a simple prescription for primary care or follow-ups. But this question haunts me – Is this really necessary?

Why can’t I consult doctor, discuss my symptoms and get prescribed digitally for cases that doesn’t require thorough physical examination?

Being in healthcare industry, I regularly see doctors giving free medical advice over their phone to either new known patients and/or for continuous care to follow-up patients. Understanding the fact that they would like to be in touch with the patients for retention, future medical care and referrals.

What if the doctor has some technology wherein they can make follow-up calls to patients and earn on each advice along with care, referrals and brand building? That to globally?

In a country where ambulance reaches hours late and pizza is delivered within 30 minutes, Smartcure Medical App thrives to provide medical advice for routine cases within 7 seconds without live operator or IVR system in between. The business model works on the principles of family physician in a primary care setup for coordinated and continuous care.

Smartcure Medical App shall bring in paradigm shift in care delivery by reducing self medication thus curtailing drug resistance, emergency medical response system to avoid sudden death or medical risks, fastest medical advice through reputed doctors within seven seconds and remote consultations for patients not having internet connections and/or Smartcure phones.

If you are a patient or your loved ones are seeking medical advice from anywhere in India. Kindly download the app from the link below –

If you are a medical practitioner (Doctor) thriving to enrich your practice from a local physician to a global figure. Kindly download the doctor’s app from the link below –

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