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Pollution and Breathing Difficulties

It’s not uncommon to hear about people suffering from respiratory disorders, literally every other person has had some or the other breathing issue in different degrees at some point in their lives. It could’ve been your regular flu, what is often referred to as Acute Respiratory Tract Infection on our medical slips or it may be a lot worse like Asthma, in which the airways of your lungs are perpetually inflamed. While these are the common health issues we hear about more often than not, there’s a whole never ending list of disorders and diseases related to breathing. From Bronchitis to Lung Cancer, these grave inconveniences many a times come uninvited and are nothing short of absolutely fatal.

Haven’t you ever heard people talking about the early sad demise of someone who lived a perfectly healthy and fit life, had no bad habits and yet fell victim to a big photo in the obituary section, leaving behind a young family? The chilling truth is that this isn’t rare anymore. What’s worse is that children are more prone to respiratory disorders as of today.

It’s no secret that one of the major causes of breathing disorders is the air pollution our bodies constantly try to fight. A simple brief understanding of air pollution involves knowing the primary and secondary pollutants. The former is human induced pollution through automobiles, factories, fireworks and so on, while the latter is the chemical reaction that occurs when the primary pollutants mix with the air.

Since a lot of air polluting factors such as emissions from factories are the inevitable social costs of running the economy and keeping up with the fast-paced development, the excessive growth in totality can be prevented on an individual level when you do your bit such as embrace the concept of travelling by public transport or car-pool, discourage fireworks, look after trees in your surroundings, create a compost pit, have your vehicle emissions tested on a regular basis etc.

The ways for you to reduce exposure to air pollution for a healthy lifestyle are:

  • Stop being an active or passive smoker, both effect your body adversely and cause long term breathing disorders that may easily elevate to lung cancer.
  • Avoid outdoor activities in areas where you feel air pollution is higher or you experience smoke fog in your view.
  • If possible, invest in an air purifier for the indoor area where you spend most of your day, either your office or home.
  • If you’re travelling by a windowed vehicle, try keeping the windows shut. If you’re travelling otherwise, use anti-pollution face masks or at least a stole/scarf to cover your nose and mouth.
  • Try being indoor during festivals or celebrations that involve smoke inducing fireworks.
  • Have a chimney or exhaust fan installed in your kitchen to reduce stuffiness and smoke from getting the better of you.
  • Consult a doctor if you feel even slight difficulty in breathing, sometimes those are just symptoms of something more grave and prevention or even early detection are a lot better than suffering for long.

Do your bit to save yourself and your environment from air pollution and you’ll experience a huge positive difference in your health eventually.

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