Are you Healthy??

5 Questions you need to ask yourself to know if you are healthy

Much of urban lifestyle revolves around busy schedules and high dependency without much thought on its consequences on our health in the long run. To consciously introspect on the direction in which our well-being is headed is the first step towards safeguarding our long term mental and physical health. The five questions you need to ask yourself to know if you are healthy is a handy direction in helping you introspect on your choice of lifestyle.

  • Are you getting enough sleep?

Sleep cycles across generations have undergone drastic change on account of various factors including addiction to technology, highly packed schedules, living conditions and so on that impact the sleep cycle as is needed to sustain the human body. Comfortable, undisturbed sleep on an average of 7 hours is the minimal requirement of rest that our body needs. Regulate your sleeping pattern consciously to begin with to allow your body’s biological clock to kick in.

  • Are you constantly tensed?

Tension in modern urban society can arise out of a plethora of reasons which can impact your mental and physical well- being. Balancing your work-life with your personal life is an essential requirement to help regulating the pressure that comes along with high demanding jobs. Meditating and exercising on a daily basis goes a long way in calming your mind and body in the long run.

  • Are you following a healthy diet?

With minimal time to spend on preparing your meals on your own has seen the up-rise in demand for packed foods and foods stored with high levels of preservatives. While these food options can make your life easier on a daily basis, the same can be causing your health to deteriorate in the long run. Avoiding the intake of packed food and spending a little amount of your time daily in planning a healthy and wholesome diet would contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

  • Are you getting enough exercise?

A minimum of thirty minutes of exercise every day is the minimum amount of exercise that is required to maintain your health. Most of the urban workforce is barely involved in jobs that demand a high level of physical exertion. Efforts to make time to be involved in any physical activity that you enjoy not only ensures physical well-being and take focus your attention on your body.

  • Do you have the right body posture?

The human body has not evolved to sit a desk on an eight hour basis. Our posture on a daily basis at work, sleep, when we walk should be as ideal as possible to avoid long term effects on the spine and your knees. Simple exercises to stretch the muscles and engage these prone areas will not impact it irrevocably.

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