Get Rid of Bloated Stomach

Tips to get rid of a bloated stomach

Don’t you just absolutely hate how one specific part of your otherwise fine body just spreads beyond proportionate limits? So our tummy fat is really stubborn and we often end up changing a few pairs of clothes before we head to a special place, but turns out that what you may think is fat, not necessarily is and it could just be a simple case of stomach bloating caused  by digestive issues. Sounds relieving that it isn’t probably fat right? What’s better is that I’ll address eight easy ways to get rid of this boating.

  • Regulate your bowel movements: This is the first most important aspect to get in place to avoid or get rid of bloating. Most commonly bloating is a direct consequence of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. You’ve to make it a point to avoid Constipation and it’s really easy if you feed your body with enough fiber content, fluids and give it a little daily exercise. If you’re currently eating less fiber, gradually increase your intake and balance it out with a lot of water, your body gets adapted to it gradually.
  • Confirm and take control of your allergies: Since each body is different, we have our own unique allergies too, but it’s always best to get a test for them under the guidance of your doctor and then conclude it instead of assuming it by yourself and then depriving yourself of nutrition that wasn’t harmful in the first place. Lactose intolerance is a prime example of food allergy that is known to cause bloating in people, but like I said, each body is different and what may suit me may not suit you.
  • Chew your food: While this seems like a general thing we’re told since childhood, not doing it could result in bloating because the first step towards digestion is chewing, digestion essentially starts from the mouth and when you eat quick without chewing, you’re letting your body swallow a lot of air that gives you the bloat. Another benefit attached with slowly eating and chewing your food well is that you psychologically get the feeling of having had a satisfactory meal and may also end up eating more to the requirements of your body instead of your temptations.
  • Avoid any carbonated drink: It may be any flavor and marketed as the healthiest drink known to mankind, but the enjoyable fizz in these drinks traps gas inside your body and bloats you to your maximum capacity. Get into the habit of having green tea or flavored teas instead. Peppermint tea is particularly relieving when it comes to gassy bloating.
  • Let the gum go: I know that everyone suddenly becomes your best friend when you open a pack of gum, but as I said earlier, swallowed air causes bloating and chewing gum is one of the easiest ways air gets swallowed by your body.
  • Say No to artificial sweeteners: from all the low calorie to no calorie sweeteners you find in your stores, what you’re not aware of is that they’re artificial sweeteners that not only mess up your metabolism in the long run, but also cause bloating. The best way is to leave sugar and artificial sweeteners and simply switch to natural zero calorie Stevia (herb) sweeteners but just make sure your brand does not contain sucralose, dextrose and lactose.
  • Adapt your body to consume beans and other gassy veggies: Beans, broccoli, cauliflower etc. are nutritious high fiber vegetables that are a must in your daily dietary needs but you’ve to start with feeding your body small quantities and letting it adjust first without causing gas, gradually you may increase the quantity of the same foods to prevent bloating.
  • Eat more: You got that right, eat more often in the day, start making your meals smaller in proportion and spread them through the day instead of starving and then feasting like you’ll never see food again. It’ll manage your blood sugar, regulate metabolism and prevent bloating in the stomach too.

Consult a doctor or diet counsellors immediately.





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