Foods for Healthy, Thick and Long hair

Foods for Healthy, Thick and Long hair

Thick long beautiful hair are a prime example of timeless beauty and even though fashion today calls for different hairstyles involving shorter hair, neglecting hair health is often one of the biggest regrets one may have especially post the age of thirty.

In order to avoid a receding hairline, thinning of hair and excessive hair fall, you need to ensure that you’ve given your hair that optimum nutrition and only then expected your beautiful results. It’s a simple give and take relation we share with our body and it also applies to hair health.

There are two ways you treat your hair, one is internal and one is external and it’s important to remember that no amount of external treatments will help you in the long term as long as you don’t have the internal nutrition on point.

For all your internal hair nutrition, sufficient quantities of the following food items will give you your desired results and also benefit your nail growth along with general bodily health:

  • All kinds of meat inclusive of Fish, Chicken and Red Meat provide the optimum nutrition with chicken being extremely high in protein (vegetarians could alternate 100gms. chicken with one scoop of Whey protein) and fish consisting of Omega 3 fatty acids that promote hair growth(vegetarians may consume fish oil capsules or other equivalent supplements). Red meat contains iron that prevents baldness (vegetarians may have iron supplements).
  • Grains such oats, bajra, ragi, wheat (broken) are direct nourishment to hair follicles with all the loaded zinc content, iron and vitamin B that eventually make the hair thick. It can be paired with a small portion of brown rice that additionally helps prevent hair loss.
  • The vegetables that are absolutely essential for hair health would specifically include spinach, broccoli or any other green leafy veggies, the darker the green, the better! Vitamins A, C, Zinc and Iron help to naturally condition your hair.
  • Biotin, Vitamin B, Zinc, Iron and Sulphur, all of which are the paradise of heathy hair are found in eggs. Include eggs in your daily diet and you won’t have much to complain about!
  • You’ll also thank yourself for giving a chance to all citric fruits, tomatoes and bananas for improving your hair growth and strength.
  • Who’d have thought that the yummy boiled sweet potatoes would give a good dose of anti-oxidants and vitamin A to the body that’d go and help your hair. What if I told you that dark chocolate helps with anti-oxidants and hair health too? (Make sure to have Stevia chocolates, not sugar chocolates)
  • You could make a lot of green tea, consume some and apply the rest to your hair, you’ll love how they feel!
  • Instead of munching on chips and fried food, switch to Walnuts and Almonds so that you satisfy your untimely hunger and also help your hair grow thick.

That being said, avoid using shampoos containing SLS, SLES or other parabens. There are many options available at reasonable rates these days.

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