Common Winter Illnesses and Their Prevention

Common winter illnesses and their prevention

Winter is that season of the year where you officially get into a relationship with your warm bedding and you wouldn’t want it any other way! The line between lethargy and comfort ceases to exist and we’re more often than not sleeping or thinking of sleeping after the hot home cooked meals. So generally speaking the season isn’t that of hard work or productivity. The same people who’d fight the world to jog or get to the gym early on summer mornings, will reconsider getting up for a glass of water on a chilly winter morning. While the thought of it already makes me want to get to bed and relax, there are a few issues attached with it.

The lifestyle gets your body in the sedentary mode and results in lack of appropriate circulation that you otherwise got owing to a more active lifestyle. It’s an overdose of lethargy and the chances of collecting body fat are high also because of the innumerable festivities in winter that make you gobble calories by the minutes. Common winter illnesses include cold, cough, pneumonia, headache, sinus, throat infection, respiratory tract infections, dry and itchy skin etc. It also elevates pre-existing problems such as Asthma and Bronchitis and those suffering from them should take extra care.

It’s not very difficult to be a little careful about your health in the season, at least it’s a lot easier than being sick. These are basic daily habits you need to inculcate and they’re not too many, so you needn’t worry about working too hard while you’re freezing:

  • Avoid high calorie foods as much as possible during winters since it results in lower immunity.
  • Sip on a few cups of green tea and chamomile tea, not only will you remain hydrated, these are particularly good for your body in the chilling season.
  • Great winter foods include carrots, ginger and mushrooms, they’re full of flavour during that time and help your body stay well.
  • Exercise at least 20 minutes a day, I know it’s difficult in the cold but when you exercise, your body warms up and you stop feeling as cold too. Exercise keeps you from entering the sedentary zone.
  • The moment you see some sunlight, go and bask in it if you don’t already do it, it’s good for your body and skin both.
  • Indulge in some meditation and breathing exercises, the impact of winter related ailments is substantially reduced that way.
  • Needless to mention, keep your house warm and yourself well covered, including your ears and head.

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