Improve Your Sex Drive

Sexuality is considered a taboo in the Indian society with all sorts of moral and defaming policing involved especially if you’re unmarried. Even many married couples only end up consulting sex experts under the garb of inability to conceive, out of fear of being judged. This results in a lot of silent suffering only because you don’t conform to the conservative views of people that shouldn’t have an opinion on your sex life. Let’s get this straight, it’s your body and you are the sole decision maker of your wants and needs. If you ever feel the need to consult a doctor, you shouldn’t hesitate, doctors and experts are there to help and guide you through these issues without giving you morality lessons on how you ought to live your life.

Both men and women of all age groups suffer from low libido many a times due to factors such as stress, anxiety, poor diet etc. and unless the problem is grave, you can rectify it on your own and voluntarily want to take charge under the sheets. I’ll share a list of things you can do before you rule your problem serious enough to consult a doctor.

  • Consume the natural libido boosters such as avocados, bananas and figs, these increase your blood flow to the genital area and promote a desirable healthy sex life.
  • Indulge in rich divinity of chocolates, they boost up your sex drive substantially. We can’t say that it isn’t placebo, but many people swear by it. No wonder chocolate has long been associated with desire and we see it all over condom ads.
  • Shift your focus from your flaws to your attributes, how you feel about yourself has a lot to do with your sex life, work on confidence development and accept your body and looks for how they are because during sex you’re the only one judging your own body, the fact that the other person is sharing that moment with you is enough to say that he/she desires you irrespective.
  • While too much alcohol is bad for your sex life, one glass of wine helps numb your inhibitions and you indulge a lot more easily.
  • Stress is one of the biggest factors causing low libido, while sex is a stress buster for many men, it doesn’t work that way for everyone. You could meditate, practice yoga, exercise or do whatever that busts your stress.
  • Eat a high protein and low carb diet along with getting enough sleep, even if that means you take power naps from time to time.
  • For a lot of people sex needs to have emotional closeness, try communicating with your partner if something bothers you and try to resolve conflicts, it may automatically improve your mood and sex drive as a result.
  • If none of this works or you’re unconvinced, it’s best to consult a doctor and also rule out other possibilities.

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