How you’re possibly destroying your immunity

Being constantly sick with flu, cough and minor communicable infections is a huge sign of low immunity. In movies, a cold may look adorable but in reality it’s nothing but a gooey mess with tissues scattered all around, sneezes that hurt the back of your head and being unable to pronounce your own name right in many cases. Every time you get sick you realize how you took the healthy you for granted and realize the true value of an appropriately dry nose, a non swollen throat and a head that isn’t ready to explode.

It might surprise you but immunity has a deep connection with your mental being, the happier you are as a person, the chances of your immunity being stronger are higher. That’s new right? I’ll address a few reasons as to why your immunity could possibly be low so that you know what to rectify to set it right:

  • You’re a smoker: Not necessarily an active smoker but even a passive smoker. Smoking depletes your immunity to a great extent and there are no surprises when a person who smokes falls sick often or children with smoker parents are seen more in hospitals than in playgrounds.
  • You’re sleep deprived: I know how we often prioritise work over many things but doing that over health and sleep should be an absolute NO because it messes with your immune system and you end up doing the same work with greater difficulty during sickness. Instead try to manage time better.
  • You’re extremely stressed: Stress has different degrees and we all have our own set of personal and professional problems, but this takes a big toll on your immune system’s ability to ward off diseases. Try meditating, relaxing with aromatherapy, listen to soothing music, play with pets or whatever acts as your personal stress buster.
  • You’re a pessimist: You got that right, pessimists are more prone to lower immunity than optimists also because they take more stress and are less happy as people overall.
  • You’re a loner: Either by choice or not is a different topic, but social isolation releases anxiety inducing chemicals that even reduce immunity and may cause premature death. This happens when you have very little to no social contact with others either at work or at home. If that’s the case, you should go for social events, plays, quizzes, exhibitions etc.
  • You lead an unhealthy lifestyle: I’ve emphasized the need for a nutritious diet combined with at least minimal exercise time and again in other articles and I’ll do it yet again, there is no shortcut or substitute to it and gracefully accepting this fact and implementing it in your daily routine will reap you positive results without doubt.
  • You don’t laugh enough: Laughter decreases stress hormones and increases certain immune cells. After all, those early morning laughter groups in parks make more sense than we’d have imagined!

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