Miscarriages : Misconceptions

One of the worst feelings in the world is losing your baby and no one deserves that. It is highly debated worldwide whether or not a foetus is a human being and different people have different opinions, some are pro abortions and some aren’t because of religious reasons. In any case a miscarriage is particularly sad because more often, than not women want to continue with that pregnancy and have all their hopes attached to it only to bleed out in absolute despair.

In many cases miscarriages happen without the women even knowing they were pregnant to begin with and they think of the bleeding as the periodic menstruation, in such cases it is a lot easier to cope because there was no hope attached with that foetus, however we can’t judge the sensitivity and emotions just sitting here, it could possibly be the worst a woman has ever gone through.

Couples dealing with the loss of their potential child are often caught in excessive anxiety because every random Tom on the road has an opinion to give which might differ from that of another, this only causes serious confusion and can over stress the couple. Similarly, pregnant couples are so paranoid about the health of the foetus that they willingly abide by every myth and opinion of everyone they come across, in the best interest of their foetus just to be on the safer side.

I’m going to bust some myths by naming a few factors that are thought to cause miscarriage but cannot do so independently.

  • Smoking and drinking: While it is obviously not recommended that one should smoke (actively or passively) or drink during pregnancy so as to retain the best health of the foetus, it does not cause a miscarriage.
  • Stress and arguments: Though everyone warns the soon to be mother against taking stress and for no conflicts to remain unresolved, your everyday mental stress from work or domestic fights won’t cause a miscarriage. However it is something to worry about if the stress is caused from losing a close person or going through an accident during pregnancy.
  • Weight lifting: So many caring but paranoid relatives will absolutely forbid a mother to be from moving around or indulging in house hold chores, but that is wrong because you’re depriving a carrying woman of basic exercise only because of an irrational fear. A pregnant woman unless otherwise advised by doctors can easily lift basic weights and do what she was normally doing. She shouldn’t however go overboard or meet with an accident while doing things otherwise it may shake her placenta. The key is being careful, not paranoid.
  • Eating heat causing food: Conventional wisdom may sometimes be counter productive even though made with good intention, especially when it comes to curbing certain food items for pregnant women. These typically include papaya, pineapple, eggs, chicken, red meat etc. In fact all of them should be eaten in moderation as anyone else would eat. Papaya seeds cause contractions in the uterus but don’t cause kill the foetus. Chicken and eggs provide protein for the development of the unborn child and red meat only has a few digestion issues but nothing that can result in the dreadful bleed.

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