Dermatomyositis – Signs & Symptoms

Dermatomyositis – Signs & Symptoms

The largest organ of our body, the skin, needs a lot more love and care from our end than we offer to it. Our actions may seem harmless and innocent, but we often end up neglecting our skin health because of our busy schedules and perpetually busy lives. We’d rather always do something more productive for the materialistic worldly aspects than prioritize our health over it. This may reap you benefits elsewhere but at what cost?

If you’ve been constantly facing skin rashes and if they’re also combined with weakness of your muscles where it gets difficult to even move your hand to comb your hair in certain cases, chances are that you’re probably suffering from Dermatomyositis. Let’s know a little more about what this is.

Dermatomyositis is basically an inflammatory disorder where rashes on the skin erupt along with parallel weakening of the muscles on both sides of the body. It could widely be divided into three different subcategories, first one affecting children, second affecting adults and third only showing skin symptoms and not muscle symptoms. What’s a tad bit scary is that the accurate causes are still unknown, but the disease has been observed to be caused by problems in a person’s immune system and by a viral infection.

There is no particular age group that falls victim to the dreadful disease, but more cases of young children and people in late adulthood have been observed to be suffering from it. The weakness can get so severe that it can easily cause death of a person with or without the involvement of the heart and if it chooses to be less harsh, it can cause serious disabilities in a person.

The signs and symptoms typically involve extreme weakness of muscles, fever, swallowing difficulty, reddish-purplish skin rashes even on eyelids, breathlessness or breath shortness, gastrointestinal and lung related problems.

You may initially reject a skin rash as insignificant but in case you relate to any other symptom along with the rashes, you need to get yourself checked to rule out the possibility of Dermatomyositis from a dermatologist because early diagnosis can save you from more trouble than you’d have ever thought.

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