Diseases You Can Get From Pets

Diseases you can get from pets

A lot of empathizing people actually trust animals more than humans and I don’t blame them, animals are extremely innocent and mean no harm to you normally. Sadly we only have very few nice people who feed the poor homeless stray dogs and cats and they personally have all my respect. The notion that people have is that the stray dogs and cats are unclean so they don’t deserve to be fed or pet, however you’ll be surprised to know that the chances of you catching any disease from your neighbourhood cats and dogs are almost negligible because you don’t end up sharing your house space, beddings and all night cuddles with them. Your pets on the other hand can give you diseases if you do whatever I’ve mentioned without periodically bathing them, getting them treated for diseases and cleaning your house.

I’m naming a few diseases or infections you can contract from your pets, but can easily be avoided if you maintain hygiene and have your pets treated before you decide to share bedding and other common spaces with them:

  • Ringworm: these small red patchy circles can be contracted if your pet picks up fungal infection and isn’t treated for it. The key is to give your mattresses and blankets a wash every once in a while and keep check for patches of hair loss with red spots on your pet.
  • Roundworm: This is common in humans but among animals it is common in cats where kittens can get it from infected mothers milk and cats can get it from eating infected rodents. You should take a deworming medicine from the vet and feed it to your cat as and when prescribed. Humans get it when they don’t regularly scoop out the litter box of the cat that maybe infected.
  • Hookworms: These are worms on the intestinal walls of puppies usually that give them diarrhea, blood loss and weight loss. It can be contracted by humans if they accidently step on feces of infected puppies barefoot. You should talk to your vet and deworm your pup and clean the place immediately after the pup litters.
  • Giardia: This waterborne disease affects both, dogs and cats causing diarrhea from drinking unclean water from outside or on hikes, from the toilet etc. Humans can contract it if they don’t wash their hands after scooping their pets infected poop.
  • Rabies: We’ve all been induced with the fear of Rabies from childhood, well it can only happen to you or your pet if either of you have been bitten by a Rabid animal, in that case you need to seek medical attention.

Animals are genuinely a man’s best friend and we don’t hear of diseases being transferred to people as often, the idea is to keep your house clean since you and your pet can sometimes get too close for the comfort of your immune system. Also always wash your hands before eating and sleeping. Other than that you may without hesitation feed stray dogs and cats along with petting them a little, it won’t do you any sort of harm that you’ve been made to believe.

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