Are you finding your middle-aged mother, sister, wife or aunt roughly around their 40s and 50s lose patience around you more than usual? Or maybe they’re going through mood swings, facing visible bodily changes and shedding their hair a lot more?

Well that’s absolutely normal and nothing to worry about since their undergoing what is popularly referred to as Menopause. If you’re a young woman, you’ve probably heard them discuss menopause with their friends and share their experiences. For the others, I’ll briefly explain what menopause is and what undergoing it feels like.

It’s a usual bodily change in women that occurs in the above mentioned age group, as we all know that a girl transits into womanhood where her fertility is marked by her first period or what is called menstruation. It means that her body is now ready to conceive upon fertilization and she can bear a child. It is advised to bear a child a little after menstruation regularizes and 18 would be the earliest best age for a woman’s body to conceive. It should absolutely be the woman’s choice however on when she decides to choose motherhood. Thanks to patriarchy and traditional mindsets, less women in our country even have that choice to decline motherhood, let alone at what age they choose it.

Getting back on point, menopause on the contrary marks the phase where the woman is no longer fertile and can no longer give birth by the conventional methods. It is a long phase that begins with irregular periods and a variety of different inconvenient symptoms before the periods completely stop and she can officially no longer conceive naturally. This entire phase may last for even ten years in many women. It’s important to remember that it is not a disease or even an abnormal condition, it is only a regular normal bodily change where her Estrogen levels begin to drastically drop.

A menopause can finally be confirmed when the woman has not got her period for a whole year, however the symptoms may additionally continue for anywhere between three to five years longer than that. If a woman does bleed suddenly after the apparent confirmed menopause of no menstruation for a whole year, it is always wise to consult a Gynaecologist to rule out various dreadful possibilities.

Some of the commonly observed symptoms are as follows:

  • Irregular menstrual cycle: While some may get their period within every two weeks, some may not get it for months together. Hard time keeping a track I believe!
  • Excessive vaginal dryness: It may cause serious itching and discomfort to the poor lady and many may experience very painful sex, it’s literally easier to menstruate every month in comparison.
  • Hot Flushes: Sudden sweating in the upper body due to heat and patchy red skin all around are extremely common too. If it happens at night, they’re called Night Sweats.
  • Urinary troubles: They’re a lot more prone to urinary infections.
  • Bodily changes: Loss of breast size, lower abdomen fat gain and hair loss are common.

If you’re a woman, hats off to you for being as strong as you are and if you’re a man, you genuinely need to thank all the women in your life for having gone through so much and still managed just about everything else!

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