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Autism simply explained

Amongst everything that keeps happening in our lives full of superficiality and materialism, we probably don’t count our blessings enough. We’ve genuinely been blessed enough to be able to read and comprehend this at this very moment because if you go to think of it, many have not, owing to physical and mental disabilities and disorders, one of them being Autism.

Autism is a disorder in certain people from birth, that many people are unfortunately unaware of, it’s not a disease or illness, only an unfortunate disorder that never leaves a person, we as fellow human beings ought to understand and be sensitive to. It is usually referred to as Autism Spectrum Disorder and no two people suffering it have the exact same symptoms, the degrees vary to substantial amounts in various combinations.

Contrary to the popular belief, autistic people feel the same kind of love, hate, happiness and sadness and you and I, let anything never let you think otherwise. It almost puts a moral obligation upon us as better able bodied humans to not indulge in shaming and bullying of autistic people.

Lives of autistic people in a gist:

  • They may suffer from a learning disability that makes them extremely slow learners.
  • They may have a poor mental health condition where emotions reach their very extreme. They may feel extremely scared or upset or worried.
  • They may have deformed bodily movements that may get repetitive.
  • Given the right guidance and support, they can learn different skills in music and art.
  • Due to different degrees of severity, some need more help and attention than others.
  • They find it hard to speak and express themselves, which as a consequence restricts their social skills.
  • They can’t think on parallels or even comprehend things as easily as the rest of us.
  • They may be extremely averse to certain smells, colors, lights, touch.
  • They can’t easily adapt to change or get out of their daily routine comfort zone, it makes them feel insecure and unsafe.
  • They love their personal space for a good amount of time daily.
  • Many can’t speak at all and resort to sign language as they understand it.

We don’t know why it happens and how far it is hereditary, but we do know that it is very inhumane to make fun of someone suffering from it, so next time you see someone make fun of autistic people, stop them and educate them on how that’s the worst they’ve offered to humanity in spite of having it all. Don’t worry, you won’t be judged for policing.

Autism can’t always be determined by looks, one may want to consult a doctor to rule out the possibility in a child.

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