Hernia- Causes, Symptoms and Cure

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Hernia- Causes, Symptoms & Cure

We usually don’t come across every other person complaining of Hernia unlike other issues, the last time I heard of it was when Joey had it in the episode where he lost his insurance- a big shoutout to all Friends fans! Hernia is that condition where an organ pushes through the weakened portion of the muscle/tissue that contains it, often creating an unnatural bulge in the affected area. While Hernia is commonly found to appear in the abdominal region, it can also occur in the thigh and groin. Although it is not fatal, it can cause complications eventually apart from being painful. The most common forms of Hernia are: inguinal (abdominal), femoral (right beneath the abdomen), umbilical and diaphragmatic.

Now let’s look into the primary causes of Hernia, they can be attributed to the weakening of the muscles or tissue containing the organ and subsequently allowing the organ to push through its walls. Since abdominal Hernias are the most common, the walls of the abdomen can be weakened due to various reasons including insufficient nutrition, smoking, improper weight lifting, heavy blows to the abdomen or other exertions to the abdominal muscles. Some researchers contend that the muscles weakening or being prone to weakening is due to an underlying physiological cause.

The most common symptom associated with Hernia is an unnatural bulge in the abdomen, anywhere on the torso or the groin. Hernias may or may not be accompanied with pain. In the absence of a bulge, Hernias can also be detected with unusual pain upon exertion on the abdomen or other prone areas on the body. In many cases it is accompanied with nausea, fever and vomiting.

Cure or treatment for Hernias vary depending on the kind of Hernia and the complications involved. To avoid further complications of the Hernia injuring the muscles further, surgery is recommended which can be done laparoscopically. Laparoscopy also reduces the recovery time of the patient in cases where the damage to the containing muscle can be mended using various muscle reinforcement techniques.

However, the recovery period from a Hernia surgery is a week on an average. So, while Hernias are less likely to be fatal, they do pose a lot of complications for treatment as well as post treatment. Keeping a check on the causes of Hernias is likely to reduce the possibility of being prone to it and like I keep saying, an early diagnostic can spare you the horror of things lot worse than you’d expect. So kindly consult a doctor as soon as the symptoms arises.

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