Power of the mind

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I’ve always genuinely felt that we give ourselves less credit for the amount we’re capable of, today I’ll tell you why you’ve been underestimating the power within you. We’ve heard of the power within us to heal and similar banter from aunties that otherwise may not have very reliable information on science and so on, but what if I told you that they were almost right all along?

Power of the mind in controlling and bringing about physiological changes in the body is a highly researched topic in the realm of medical science and psychology. What was once referred to as pseudoscience, is slowly gaining acceptance as a proven phenomenon amongst academic circles. Popularly known as the placebo affect, it is the medical harnessing of the power of the mind in which our thoughts affect the physical development or changes that can be seen tangibly in our body. Placebo treatment in effect involves the administering of any substance that has no therapeutic effect but plays on the psyche of the patient to believe an effective medical remedy has been administered. The changes that come about in the physical condition of the patient thereafter are attributed to the power of the mind, as the substance administered has no therapeutic effect. Unbelievable right?

Effective outcome of placebo treatment has brought about serious research into the power of the mind to control and bring about changes in the physical state of our bodies. In connection with this research, it has been found that meditation is the most affective way in which humans can harness this potential of our minds.

Meditation is the art of controlling our thoughts and being aware of our thoughts. It is often said to be the best form of gaining awareness of the self. Harnessing the power of the mind to bring about changes in our body can be used to go a long way along with medical treatment for any ailment. Consciously being optimistic about your ability to heal, the healing capacity of your treatment has proven to yield better results over patients who are constantly in doubt of the treatment, the ability of their body to heal. I’ve personally known people who’ve beat cancer, of course with the help of advanced treatments, but mainly because of that positive willpower and optimism.

As researchers continue to understand in depth the dynamics underlying the power of the mind to heal, doctors continue to encourage patients to believe in their ability to heal. Learning to harness this potential can go a long way in our process of bettering our bodies and health. So the next time you’re in doubt, just smile and remind yourself that your mind is being wrongly utilized to bog you down, you could change that for yourself, within yourself!

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