Cardiac Arrest – Information and Prevention

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Cardiac Arrest – Information and Prevention

In nearly every second family in India there is a heart patient who has to be extra careful in doing things we’d normally do without a second thought. It includes everything from eating to physical activity to basically living life on your own terms. I’m sure you know of one or more such family members either in your immediate or extended family and I needn’t tell you how tough life gets for them! As you grow older, you start seeing this in your friend circle too and there’s nothing scarier than the realization that it could very well be you given that you have an unhealthy lifestyle too.

Let’s learn something about Cardiac Arrest today, we’ve all heard the term and the lucky ones haven’t yet personally known anyone who had to go through that. Cardiac arrest is very different from a heart attack, it’s only worse.

In a heart attack, the body experiences a very sudden interruption in the blood supply to part of the heart muscle, it doesn’t stop pumping blood and supplying to the body, but there is a difficult interruption that causes chest pain. The person still breathes nonetheless and remains in a conscious state. A heart attack could easily escalate into a cardiac arrest if it isn’t given immediate attention.

Whereas in a cardiac arrest, the heart altogether stops pumping blood and supplying to the body, here the person either stops breathing or breathes very abnormally with the greatest difficulty and falls unconscious on the spot. If this isn’t immediately treated by CPR, it could lead to the death of a person within minutes. The next time you see an ambulance with the emergency siren on, don’t act like or let anyone else act like a douche, make way for someone who could be undergoing cardiac arrest and needs medical attention more urgently than you need to get anywhere in the world.

Once you’ve become a heart patient, there’s almost no looking back to a regular life you previously had, so prevention is always better than cure. I’ll list a few foods you should include in your daily diet (along with other healthy food, not junk food) and do take out some time for any form of physical exercise.

  • Kale leaves: Called as “Gobi ke patte” in Hindi, you need to look at their appearance online to confirm the same item with your local vegetable vendor. It is such a superfood for your heart that when you read more on it, you’ll wonder why we don’t have it already. It creates a coating inside the arteries to keep plaque from forming and clogging.
  • Garlic: This natural antibiotic does wonders for your heart health, it reduces your blood pressure and plaque that could destroy your heart. You could have garlic pills too but then garlic isn’t rare that you can’t have the real thing in your diet, besides it adds great flavour to food when used in the right quantity.
  • Red wine: Isn’t that fantastic? But only one glass of red wine a day can keep your heart health great, anything more can harm your health in other ways. It retains flexibility of blood vessels and avoids them from getting clotted.
  • Oranges: This citrusy fresh yummy fruit helps reduce blood pressure and cholesterol thereby reducing the possibility of a heart failure.
  • Dark Chocolate: This only keeps getting better! Go for a 70% dark chocolate with Stevia instead of sugar, not only does it taste great, it keeps your blood pressure in control and is great for your heart health.
  • Almonds: When our moms insisted that we eat Almonds every day, they were beyond just right. They reduce the absorption of cholesterol from your diet and help your heart retain its good health.
  • Pomegranate: Their amazing antioxidants keep cholesterol from getting oxidized and your heart literally loves you for feeding yourself some pomegranate as often as possible, have juice (fresh preferably) everyday if that’s possible for you, you wouldn’t regret it.

There I go to pour myself a glass of Red Wine with 70% Dark Cocoa Stevia chocolates!

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