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Migraine has almost become a generic work for headache although that is not so. Not every severe headache is Migraine and you can’t just assume you have it based on symptoms you read online or hear through people, you need a Doctor, usually a Neurologist, to check you with the help of certain scans and other techniques to confirm that you suffer from it.

The exact causes of Migraine are still unknown but they are owed to certain changes in neurotransmitter levels within the brain. These headaches are usually one sided and are of a throbbing nature that have association with sensitivity to light, sounds and smells.

Factors such as stress, hormonal changes and extreme stimuli to certain lights, sounds, smells and even foods can trigger Migraine headaches. It is best to have an early diagnosis, if you’ve been feeling symptoms for two weeks or above, you need to go visit a Neurologist who will conduct tests to determine the existence of Migraine or other issues that are causing the pains.

While you can’t avoid Migraine, you can surely avoid the factors that trigger the Migraine pains in you by following these:

  • Don’t skip your medicines, take them as prescribed always. Don’t self-medicate either when in doubt, consult your doctor yet again.
  • Whenever you get the headaches, make a note of everything you ate or did prior to getting the pains. That way you’ll be able to determine key factors triggering it.
  • If you’re a caffeine addict suffering from Migraine, don’t suddenly cut down on your intake, gradually phase it out of your life.
  • Consult a doctor about what kind of exercises you could indulge in given your severity. Physical exercise is extremely important for a healthy life so don’t avoid it.
  • Regulate your sleep cycle and stick with it, you’re more prone to getting the headaches if you’re thrown off your routine.
  • De-stress very often by indulging in whatever helps you bust stress, it could be a massage or playing with dogs or just relaxing in the lawn. Whatever works for you.
  • Always remain hydrated and do not skip your meals, don’t give your body the chance to complain.

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