Worst Infectious Diseases That can Affect Us Even Today

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Worst infectious diseases that can affect us even today

We’ve all heard of SARS a couple of years ago, then Ebola and off late we hear about the Zika virus, while these largely depend on some form of an epidemic and happen in huge clusters of population calling for emergency situations to arise in the public arena, I’ll talk about some infectious deadly diseases on the other hand that can happen to anyone as of today in India without causing epidemic of sorts.

  • Measles: About 90% people can contract measles from a person suffering from it even by being in a radius of 50 feet of such person or entering the same room as the person even 2-3 hours later. But the good part is that we can avoid it to a very significant extent by getting vaccinated for it.
  • Leprosy: This chronic disease is contagious to a great extent which is why people suffering tend to remain isolated. While one cannot contract the disease by being around someone with Leprosy or by touch either, it can affect a person with lower immunity if he/she comes into contact with any fluid released by a Leprosy patient while sneezing or coughing.
  • Syphilis: This sexually transmitted disease popular to heal all by itself in the first stage can elevate to a second stage with headaches, swollen glands, fever and weight loss or even reach the third stage causing paralysis and blindness or death. Thinking a hundred times before having multiple sexual partners is an important step in avoiding it.
  • Dengue: This mosquito borne virus (Malaria is caused by a parasite and Dengue by virus) reportedly kills more than fifty thousand people each year around the globe according to World Health Organization. It’s probably a warning to take mosquito repellents seriously.
  • Infectious diarrhoea: Rotavirus, through which the stomach and intestines severely inflame is one of the deadliest diseases especially for children. Twenty one lakh children under the age of five died due to it in 2013 out of which 20% were in India alone.
  • Pneumonia: This lung infection caused by varied factors is bound to attack children under the age of five and elders over sixty-five a lot more than the others. It is extremely deadly as well and usually results in loss of life if not treated on time.
  • Cholera: The water borne disease causes acute diarrhea that if left untreated can be life taking. It needn’t be in epidemics to kill but the world has been victim to several from it.

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