Common Genetic Disorders

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Common Genetic Disorders

Usually socially claimed good looking parents produce beautiful looking offspring and vice versa. A lot of our physical and mental characteristics are owed to our genetics, good and bad. You’re lucky if you have good genetics when it comes to physical features, intelligence, health and what not and that’s precisely why our parents have always stressed about marrying into the right set of genetics other than the fact that there could be chemistry and love between two people. I couldn’t agree more, I’ll talk to you about a few most common genetic disorders in India itself to give you a fair idea of how things could go wrong without even expecting them to.

Genetics are influenced by your biological parents, blood family such as grand parents, great grand parents or it could even have something to do with ethnicity, which is why so many Americans are allergic to nuts, ever wondered why?

While the carrier of some risky genes may live a normal healthy life, if both parents are carriers even in different degrees, the chances of the child having disorders is high. Let’s see some common ones:

  • Cystic Fibrosis: One of the most common genetic disorders that causes persistent lung problems such as chronic infections, along with limitations in breathing, digestive problems and even reproductive problems.
  • Spinal Muscular Atrophy: Here the child’s nerve function is affected such that there is no energy left in the body to eat, walk or even breathe in many cases.
  • Haemophilia A: Here the victim has excessive bleeding upon anything major or minor whether internally or externally, a simple would can look like a blood shed here.
  • Sickle cell anaemia: In this the red blood cells of the person are sickle shaped and end up causing sever anaemia that further results in permanent damage to major body organs including heart and brain.

Before you decide to marry anyone or otherwise have children with anyone, it’s always wise to take complete record of their genetic problems in the family line to avoid these issues completely. Also, parents to be now have various tests that they can undergo during different stages of pregnancy to rule out possibilities of various genetic disorders and treat them on time to as large an extent as possible.

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