Never Self-Medicate

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Never Self-Medicate

You do realize that doctors spend most of their lives studying, learning and keeping up with the latest scientific findings, developments and advancements right? And you also realize that they aren’t morons to be doing that and they’re not wasting their time right? If you do understand that, please always know that you cannot indulge in self-medication and get away without consequences every time, it takes one time for everything to go wrong. If self-medication was actually beneficial and worked, then why would we even have doctors, wouldn’t pharma companies just write symptoms and whatever you could closely relate to, you would consume? Please spare me the conspiracy theories!

I’ll tell you why you must not have medicines without the consent of a qualified doctor:

  • Wrong diagnosis: Now you may have a headache along with something else that has persisted over sometime, but you’re simply having some pain killers and supressing the pain but not addressing the root cause because your diagnosis itself could be wrong.
  • Late correct diagnosis: All the time you would’ve wasted self-medicating for wrong diagnosis could be better utilized to have an early diagnosis for the correct/actual illness and would’ve spared you a lot more suffering and harm to your body.
  • Incorrect dosage: Since you don’t have a prescription, you don’t have the information directly from your doctor, you’re probably listening to a friend, unqualified family member or the pharmacist all of whom literally have no idea about the happenings inside your body beyond your limited description.
  • Side-effects: Medicines are artificial after all and almost each has its own side effects whether major or minor and when you’re self-medicating, you’re most likely ignoring the other side of it and before you know it, you could’ve developed serious allergic reactions or issues.
  • Bacterial resistance: As far as antibiotics are concerned, self-medication is all the more worse because you might just promote bacterial resistance to those medicines and not only will they not work, but could cause adverse reactions.

If expense is a factor for something minor and you don’t find it proportional, then consult a reasonable doctor, his/her qualifications are far more valuable than your own poor judgment on medicine.

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