Breast Cancer Myths

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Breast Cancer Myths

This is our second article related to breast cancer in another attempt to raise awareness, the first one being on Mastectomy. However, this time I’m going to bust some common myths you hear on the topic of breast cancer because let’s remember that hear-say can be extremely misleading and while it may indirectly help in some cases, it could even cause unnecessary irrational fear of things for no apparent reason.

Here are some common so called “facts” people say with absolute conviction, yet no scientific backing, in fact these myths were busted by studies conducted to rule out possibilities:

  • Wearing a bra causes breast cancer: Sure we all know that bras can get horribly uncomfortable, but this is taking it too far. The pseudo-scientific natural lifestyle people that condemn vaccinations mostly talk about bras causing breast cancer, I’m not sure why we even believe them. It’s absolute lies.
  • Antiperspirants and deodorants cause breast cancer: No please they don’t and you have the option to smell great without worrying about potentially walking towards breast cancer. I’m not sure why someone who’s actually well read on the subject would tell you that unless they want you to smell bad.
  • Young women cannot get breast cancer: Yes, we usually hear about it happening to elder women post menopause phase, but that’s not the norm, in fact 25% of the women below the age of 50 account for all breast cancer cases so don’t take it lightly and always do self-examinations or consult a doctor if you are in any sort of doubt.
  • Birth control pills cause breast cancer: This seems to be some rumour started by anti-abortion activists and those that believe that there need to be more child births to keep some religions and ethnicities running, it’s false and women can safely continue being on pills without fearing breast cancer. On the flipside, if women are not comfortable, they must insist on men using contraceptives instead and not settle for anything lesser.
  • Breast cancer is always a lump: No, it is a lump in many cases, but not always, sometimes it’s an externally undetectable cyst or tumour inside. That doesn’t mean you avoid a lump, please make sure you get it checked immediately after you figure its existence.

This isn’t even conventional knowledge, they’re literally just rumours under the garb of “facts” and you shouldn’t believe everything anyone says unless they have some serious knowledge in that particular subject backing their credibility.

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