How to minimize stress during work

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Funny how we wait to be an adult throughout our childhood and then bam! Reality slaps us so hard that we start getting nostalgic about our childhood by looking at just about everything from a floppy disk to a VCR. Reminds me of a famous quote, “With great power comes greater responsibility”. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m talking about working all day to be able to pay bills and spend money and buy enjoyment we think we deserve. Aren’t most of us stuck in that loop? Don’t we all sometimes feel like just leaving it all and just backpacking around the world, or going to the mountains or by the waves? You must really love your job if you don’t!

Work life involves a lot of hard work, deadlines, meetings, pressure, politics and serious stress. What were we even thinking when we said things like I can’t wait to work? However, let’s face it that we’re lucky to be able bodied and mentally capable to be able to work and manage ourselves, hats off to your financial independence! I’ll talk about a few ways to minimize stress during work because please get this clear, nothing and no one should be more important than your health, if you don’t look after your body, don’t be surprised if it gives up on you too, it’s a quid pro quo relationship we share with our bodies.

  • Take breaks to get out of your desk and preferably outside the office, now I know it is done only for smoking but that’s where you need to be different and take a stand, have a green tea or just your regular masala chai again. Avoid coffee though.
  • Walk or just move around a little, exercise breaks the monotony and any form of it helps during work, sitting in one place for hours and mentally exhausting yourself is more than just frustrating.
  • Keep pictures of whoever or whatever makes you happy, on your desk. It may be your mom, your love interest, your child or your dog. Whatever works for you so that every time you look at it, it calms you down refreshes your mind. It may be a small factor but definitely helpful.
  • Keep a notepad and pen to jot down important tasks, yes it may keep reminding you of how much more work you have, but think of all the stress it will save you if you hadn’t remembered or done it.
  • Doodle, yes you got that right, you may be the worst artist ever but just doodling around random designs or scribbles help in releasing stress. You won’t believe it but many psychologists actually determine the state of your mind by designs made by you and so on.
  • Try not indulging or concerning yourself with office politics. Just be friendly with everyone, avoid siding with anyone in particular and do your own thing without being a suck up to anyone, that way you may just get the hate from everyone and it could cause a lot more stress, unless you don’t care that is.



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