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Even until a few days ago I had no idea about the Flu Shot until I went for my periodic check-up to the doctor and happened to tell him about my travel plans in the coming month. I was advised to take the Flu Shot given that I’m going to be travelling where the temperatures are low and my immunity leaves side at every chance it gets because apparently perfect health is too mainstream for it and I’m sure people relate to common influenza issues a few times a year because of anything from weather change to contracting it from someone else to excessive travelling induced body sickness.

I took mine and I’m sure it will work its well researched scientific magic and in any case, my placebo definitely does help my case! I’ll tell you why it is advisable to take the shot and how it will benefit you.

  • Why take the risk? You may be doing everything fine but if your immunity is generally low, there’s a good change you might still get a running nose, sore throat and body pains. Why would you not want to significantly reduce the probability of sickness if the option exists?
  • It’s more important than you think, in the US and other developed countries, it is mandatory in spite of the fact that pollution is much lower and hygiene is taken far more seriously when it concerns almost everything. In India though it is not mandatory since we’re still in the development phase and there are a lot of efforts needed by the government to push everyone to get it, they’d rather better utilize the limited resources to solve other urgent problems, however the government has made efforts to popularize it and even made the vaccines available for free of cost in government hospitals. That does help in highlighting its importance, doesn’t it?
  • Every time you fall sick, your body loses all its energy in trying to fight the sickness instead of utilizing it to grow or positively develop. This is especially in case of children who need every minute and hour of the day to develop and grow physically. When they’re sick, their growth and development takes the first hit and that is rather sad.
  • Getting it once a year goes a long way especially when you need it. Children should be in schools and playgrounds instead of hospitals, elders should be doing what they do and enjoy best instead of whining and suffering in sickness. Once a year effort once can spare you the horror of a lot that could potentially arise, It’s like a simple small investment of a very small amount and little effort towards your body that will reap you benefits for a year or even longer mostly.
  • If you suffer from any other ailments, anything at all and it makes you susceptible to even minor illnesses that otherwise take longer to heal given your health condition, you must most definitely consider getting the flu shot and using it as a shield of protection.


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