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A UTI or Urinary tract infection is one of the worst and most uncomfortable of all infections ever experienced by humans and surprisingly it is very common where almost every person experiences it at least once in their lifetime and a significant number of people experience it multiple times. Women are more prone to developing a UTI as compared to men also given their anatomy, where the urethra is placed to be precise.

Here are certain tips for prevention of a UTI:

  • Fill yourself up with liquids, best option would be water for obvious reasons but you could even have a lot of liquids (sugarless or else you’re at other risks) since liquids dilute the urine and you end up urinating a lot more frequently which flushes out the bacteria even before the infection can take birth. Those that drink less water definitely know the pain of a UTI or are soon to know.
  • I’m sure all hygienic women use a tissue to wipe themselves after urinating to get rid of residue and also use a tissue to dry up after a water wash post using the washroom, so you should make it a point to always wipe from front to back instead of vice-versa to avoid any transfer of bacteria that could touch upon the urethra and cause a UTI.
  • Always urinate after an intercourse irrespective of your gender and preferably drink a glass of water too for the reason stated above.
  • Get in the habit of a water wash after urinating too, both men and women, it’s not just hygienic but also a good habit that’ll go a long way.
  • Change your contraceptive methods – consult a doctor.
  • Avoid soap and other products in the region and use only hygiene washes made specifically for those regions.
  • For those who get multiple UTIs, consult your doctor for a long-term solution since there are medicines to prevent it in people particularly prone.
  • For many women sanitary napkins cause issues for reasons they know, try switching to tampons or menstrual cups instead.

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