Oral Healthcare During Pregnancy

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Oral Healthcare During Pregnancy

Neither is giving birth to another human easy and nor does it seem easy, all the changes a woman has to go through makes us want to salute them a hundred times over. And pregnancy is just the beginning, let’s not even get started on how tough motherhood gets very often. Having said that, one very important aspect we usually neglect is oral healthcare of pregnant women that could actually end up affecting the baby to come. Sounds strange right? Well it isn’t, pregnancy is a lot more complex than it even seems and if done right, one could be blessed with a beautiful healthy baby with minimal post-natal issues to mothers as well.

Often healthcare professionals do not provide oral health treatments to pregnant women for their own reasons involving certain scepticism and usually women are so engrossed in other aspects of pregnancy that their oral health takes a hit. Strong evidence suggests that young children end up acquiring caries causing bacteria from their mothers who neglected oral health during pregnancy. The serious sudden hormonal changes in the body very frequently lead to gum diseases which affects the health of the developing foetus as well. So I’ll be giving you some oral healthcare tips to remember before and during pregnancy.

  • If you’re planning pregnancy and haven’t conceived yet, the first thing you must do is visit a dentist and get a thorough dental check-up done followed by proper gum cleaning. This helps detect and solve any dental issue before the pregnancy even begins and you’re usually good to go if you maintain that through the rigorous nine months of your life.
  • Once you are pregnant and especially if it isn’t already showing, make sure to tell your dentist about it in advance of anything that goes into your mouth in the clinic. Routine dental check-ups and urgent requirements can be addressed during pregnancy, however if there is anything that can safely wait without causing damage to your oral health, you must schedule it to a period after the delivery of the baby.
  • Check with your doctor if there is any special instruction that needs to be conveyed to your dentist during pregnancy.
  • Don’t forget to explicitly mention any drugs or dosages you’re taking during pregnancy to your dentist, this even includes your simple multivitamins. Your dentist will then alter your dental medications in accordance with it to avoid any side effects or allergies from developing.
  • You most definitely have to remind the dentist to take extra care for a dental x-ray where your thyroid and abdomen needs to be shielded with special covers specifically for this purpose and only then must you proceed with it.
  • Pregnancy gingivitis is common so if you have sore or bleeding gums, consult your dentist immediately.
  • Ask your dentist for a special toothpaste in case your regular ones cause morning sickness instead of avoiding brushing altogether. Take care of your oral hygiene as much as other things even though the other issues may seem a lot more overpowering.

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