Reasons Homeopathy is better

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There are endless debates on whether Homeopathy is better or Allopathy and each side has its own valid strong points. I personally believe in the power of the mind so Homeopathy that is popularly known to facilitate the placebo effect in the greatest levels stands at a better position in so far as issues with the body are concerned that do not require immediate treatment based healing.

I’ll state some arguments from the side of Homeopathy so as to widen your horizon on the same and consider it for long term benefits and treatments that don’t need immediate results:


  • Homeopathy has worked for children as well as worked perfectly well for animals, so it negates all the studies that conclude that it is solely placebo and has no effective results.
  • Even if there are allegations on the field of medicine of only having placebo effect, who said placebo doesn’t work? Isn’t it best to cure yourself without external help in that case? The power of the mind cannot and should not be undermined.
  • There are plenty of studies negating the effectiveness of Homeopathy but let’s not forget that we live in a world heavily influenced of corporate lobbying. Haven’t you ever wondered that pharma companies need people to believe that Homeopathy is nonsense only so that Allopathy can sell? I’ll give you a simple example of corporate lobbying, Popeye the sailor man cartoon had Spinach lobbyists behind it, let’s be thankful that Spinach is great for us!
  • If you actually delve into the studies against the field of medicine, you’ll realize how they have multiple loopholes and one too many of them are flawed based on various scientific aspects itself.

Denial doesn’t change facts, you could deny all you want or live in that hear-say bubble of Homeopathy being pseudo-science but that doesn’t change the fact that it has evidently cured way too many people for way too many years. The fact that it has even survived so long in spite of no stone left unturned by pro-Allopathy entities to diminish its value to the ground, says a lot more than necessary.

  • The side effects of Homeopathy taken on recommendation are reportedly a lot lower to almost insignificant, need I tell you about how almost every Allopathic medicine has minor to major side effects?

You needn’t believe everything you hear, because people try furthering their own interests with every word they utter and they are highly successful until you start questioning it. It’s your choice after all.

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