7 Scientifically proven health hacks

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Isn’t it amazing how people have tried and tested methods and knowledge and you’re spoon fed the same instead of having to reinvent the wheel? I’m the biggest fan of life hacks and today I’ll give you some important health hacks that’ll go a long way for you!

  • Complain a bit: You feel the smell of homemade ghee being made makes you nauseous? Or you hate how your maid leaves the fan off even after the dry cleansing is done? Express and voice whatever bothers you, especially if it leads to effective results. That way you aren’t constantly irritated or bothered about it and it helps your mental health significantly.
  • Sleep far from the alarm: Waking up early is the key to good health and sometimes the only way to save your job or keep attendance maintained in college, the more you snooze your alarm, the tougher it gets for the body to wake up, place your alarm clock far away so that you necessarily have to get up and stop the noise!
  • Switch off the internet: There is no better joy than waking up fresh in the morning and that doesn’t happen only when you sleep on time, but also when you have an undisturbed sleep of minimum six hours. We all know how Whatsapp groups are annoying and you don’t generally mute all. Other than that there will always be those night owls who’ll bother with texts and let’s not forget mails and Facebook notifications. Since we have it all on our phones these days, there’s a good chance of the phone beeping way too much while you need your necessary sleep, just disconnect your internet and it’ll be blissful!
  • Stock dry fruits and peanuts: Instead of reaching out for cookies or instant noodles or any other junk for that matter when you get sudden hunger bursts, just pop a few almonds, walnuts, pistachios, a handful of peanuts etc. Not only will they do good to your health, you’d have just spared yourself from consuming a tonne load of junk.
  • Say no to sugar and artificial sweeteners: Sugar leads to weight gain, acne, diabetes, obesity and what not, whereas most low calorie/ no calorie sweeteners you see in the market are artificial sweeteners even if they somehow try to fool you that they are natural. These artificial sweeteners contain sucralose, aspartame, lactose, dextrose, maltodextrin and so on among so many other ingredients and studies have shown how they lead to depression, metabolism dysfunction causing obesity and are even linked to cancer with certain ingredients. The only safe bet you have is natural zero calorie Stevia sweeteners, provided that they don’t have the above mentioned ingredients, erythritol isn’t a concern though. Also always check for a FSSAI licence on them.
  • Buy small plates: The smaller the size of your plate, the less likely you are to overload it. Many a times our stomach is full but we eat only because we don’t want to waste what’s on the plate. So end it once and for all instead of putting yourself in that moral dilemma and just buy small plates, you end up eating a lot lesser and gradually you get used to it.
  • Play: Games that involve mental application go a long way in increasing focus and act as a stress buster. Crossword and Sudoku are two such brilliant ones that are both, entertaining as well as act like exercises to the mind in increasing focus and concentration. Also, it definitely is a confidence booster when you successfully achieve your game goals!

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