How depression affects your ability to think ?

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As I’ve mentioned earlier in an article addressing mental health issues in India and how only less than 10% people actually go ahead to get professional help for the same, depression is a rather serious issue that cannot be ignored, not just because it causes excessive sadness or is linked to some fatal diseases in the long run, but also because it affects your ability to think on a day to day basis. A depressed persons’ judgment is affected more than even the person is aware very often.

The following impairments are linked with major depressive disorder or what is known as MDD:

  • Decision making abilities
  • Low attention span
  • Processing languages known to the victim
  • Memory loss
  • Issues with multi-tasking and shifting focus
  • Difficulty in learning


We all face low attention spans very often owing to many reasons, but those suffering from depression are far more prone to it and suffer from low attentiveness or a weak attention span a lot more often, on a daily basis in fact and in way more serious degrees. If someone you know is facing this and in your right judgment you feel it could be severe, it’s likely that the person is suffering from depression and needs medical help because even in this case like others, it is not the victim’s fault and they need help and support from you.


Given that the attentiveness is rather weak among the victims, it becomes excessively difficult for them to multi-task even the smallest things that we do on a regular basis like talking on the phone while doing laundry or maybe cooking while watching their favorite movie, the story of which is known to them and they needn’t pay full attention.


We all walk into rooms forgetting why we did but victims of depression suffer from this almost on a daily basis along with forgetting to pay bills on time, forgetting names of people almost immediately after interacting etc. Studies have time and again concluded instances of short term memory loss amongst victims of depression.


Because of issues related with short term memory problems, it isn’t hard to figure that victims of depression have difficulties in learning as well. Other than that they even start facing problems and require some amount of effort to process languages they already knew. Like I’ve said, support and medical help is mandatory in such cases before it gets worse and leads to other mental illnesses.


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