Healthy Breakfast Inclusions You Should Have Everyday

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Breakfast, as the name literally suggests indicates “break the fast” that’s induced due to sleep, because if you’re a night owl, you’d surely be eating something or the other every few hours through the night. The meal is extremely important in terms of giving strength to the body and also for regulation of metabolism. How you start your day decides a lot about how the rest of the day to follow goes, in terms of your health which most definitely also includes mental health, I personally get irritated and frustrated a lot sooner if I’ve skipped breakfast or any other meal for that matter, but breakfast particularly.

I’ll give you a list of few easily made healthy foods that can be had for breakfast so that you never have to skip the meal again.

  • Oatmeal: There are a million ways to make oats, you could add water or milk along with Stevia and make a nice porridge for yourself, or you could sauté tomatoes and onions with spices of your choice and make a lovely spicy dish, or simple add fruits to it with a dash of cinnamon. The creativity is yours while oatmeal will provide you cholesterol lowering fibres, omega 3 fatty acids and potassium among other beneficial nutrients.
  • Banana: This yummy yellow fruit is not only filling by itself, but also consists of resistant starch, carbs that are needed for energy as well as potassium. It helps with lowering blood pressure and also with hypertension. You could easily combine it with your oatmeal, cereals or just whip up a delicious smoothie.
  • Eggs: Wow let’s not get started on how many things you can make with eggs, from a simple omelette to egg muffins, eggs are a great source of protein and Vitamin D, both of which are extremely essential to us. Though there was a lot of criticism about it increasing cholesterol, I’d recommend you to go by the latest research which suggests otherwise.
  • Watermelon: I’m ever so grateful to mother nature for having blessed us with such a lip smacking negative calorie fruit that not only tastes like heaven melting in your mouth, but also hydrates the body, is important for your eyes and heart and prevents cancer. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better!
  • Whole wheat bread: Yes we’re all bread lovers after all, the smell of freshly baked bread adds to the smaller joys of life, trust me, it’s a mood changer! While both white and whole wheat bread have carbs, you should make a smarter choice when choosing your carbs so as to see where you can derive the best nutrition from. The obvious choice in bread would be whole wheat, given that it’s higher in fibre and nutrients.
  • Ragi: If you’re a South Indian, there’s a good chance you’ve eaten your fair share of the tasty ragi roti among other really good ragi preparations. Also called “Nachni”, it has numerous health benefits from being low in calories to being rich in iron and fibres. It’s a particularly great option for diabetics.


You don’t need to have these independently of your regular breakfast of course, just try to see where you could fit what and combine what and you’re great to go from the health perspective, just avoid fried food as much as possible though!

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