Vegetables you should eat as often as possible

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If you hate eating vegetables then there’s a good chance that you don’t like the recipe or the way they’re cooked, because if cooked well, vegetables can be extremely tasty while they are nutritious in any case unless totally overcooked.

I’ll give you a list of a few vegetables you most definitely should include in your daily diet as much as possible for the humungous benefits associated with them.

  • Corn: Whether you like it grilled or boiled or baked is your choice, the longer you cook it, the higher the antioxidant levels beneficial for the body. Studies have attributed combating of blindness in adults with cooked corn.
  • Kale: I’ve earlier addressed in two articles how it is a superfood for the heart. It is loaded with Vitamin C and lowers the bad cholesterol within the body.
  • Red bell pepper: This is your red capsicum that you usually find in Chinese food, it’s not only good to protect the heart against certain diseases, but makes for a great stuffing bowl where you can make wonderful stuffed dishes, imagination and help from recipes is the key here!
  • Onions: Now that’s something amazing, you can have it raw, sautéed and however else you like your onions, I love them with a dash of lime sprinkled with salt and pepper as an accompaniment to any cuisine. Raw onions are far more beneficial to health as they have cancer fighting properties.
  • Peas: These tiny things if consumed daily reduce the risk of stomach cancer. They’re tiny but let’s not underestimate their effectiveness!
  • Beetroot: The bright red veggie is as fierce as it looks, it has cancer fighting properties and is great for your eyes too! Also remember to not throw out the leaves, they’re the most nutritious, you can cook them with any other leafy vegetable of your choice.
  • Spinach: Lastly the 90s kids will remember how much we were influence by the power of spinach in Popeye the sailor man. While your muscles won’t pop out eating it, you definitely will significantly benefit with all the nutrition it proved to the body. It’s particularly helpful for digestion and eyes. You could literally have it with every meal and pairing it with corn would be a great idea, steamed corn and spinach is a timeless wonderful combination!

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