Foods to stay away from on antibiotics

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If you’re on antibiotic medicines, chances are that you’re seriously ill and letting the drugs do their best to bring you back to a normal healthy life. Unless you hate yourself, there is no reason for you to delay the healing process and the sad part is that most of us weren’t even aware that certain foods should be avoided during antibiotics because they slow down their effect and you end up taking longer to get well again.

Foods surprisingly have great impacts on the effectiveness of antibiotics and that makes us want to be more careful with their consumption. The effects range from slowing down or altogether blocking the absorption of the drugs in the body to the way the drugs are broken down by the body.

Here’s a list of all the things you need to avoid consuming for an efficient and quick healing:

  • Dairy products: All dairy products except for yogurt need to be completely avoided because the calcium in them blocks the absorption of the antibiotics. The next time you think of having your turmeric milk while on these medicines, don’t!
  • Supplements of Iron and Calcium: Just like calcium, even iron blocks their absorption and should not be consumed during this time. If it is a necessity, then you must wait for a good three to four hours after you take your supplements, to have your medicines.
  • Acidic food and beverages: All the citrusy fruits, soda based beverages, chocolates, tomato rich foods including ketchup, baked beans etc. have to be avoided completely for the interfere with the absorption of the medications.
  • High fibre foods: While they are extremely crucial for our good health and well being, they too need to be avoided for the reason that they interfere with absorption of medication.
  • Alcohol: It won’t interfere with the absorption of medication but can give rise to serious side effects with many antibiotic medicines. So it’s best avoided until you’re completely healthy and fit again and of course, off medication!

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