8 glasses of water a day: Biggest health myth of the century

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If I had a penny for each time I heard a person advising to drink 8 glasses of water a day, I’d probably be one of the richest people alive and most of it because of my mother, who like every other concerned mother in the world needs me to consume the mentioned amount of water each day. While I’m extremely thankful for her caring nature and concern, let’s now talk science.

It’s simple, experts and doctors from around the world call this “utterly debunked nonsense” for the clear reason that science tried it’s best to support it but failed to the extent that it is established that there is no scientific backing whatsoever to the theory. In fact, it is known that the bottled water companies hyped it to degrees in the high heavens with an opportunistic profit motivated agenda.

The truth of life is that water is so essential to us that going a few days without it can lead to death by dehydration and every other organ failing due to lack of it through the process. Seventy-five percent of our body is water and hydration is the key to a healthy survival. However, 8 glasses a day is not optimum hydration by any scientific standard of the world.

So how are we to know what optimum hydration is? It’s easy to know because your body hints you when it is hydrated and when you need to hydrate it. The colour of the urine tells you whether you need more water or not. If the urine is dark in colour, you’re severely dehydrated, if it is not very dark but not clear either, you’re moderately dehydrated and if it is clear, you needn’t force water down your throat if you don’t wish to.

Now that was optimum hydration needed for your body to function fine, however, you must drink more than that if you want a glowing skin along with numerous other benefits of water on the body. Again, 8 glasses is absolute nonsense.

Another important aspect concerning water that we commonly miss out is that we get it from everything we eat as well, especially fruits and vegetables. Did you know Lettuce is about 95% water? If you’re a healthy eater and you drink the optimum level of water as indicated by your body, you’re more hydrated than you know it. Hence, I’ll repeat this yet again, don’t believe everything thrown at you, try questioning and finding for yourself. If we were to believe the 8 glasses theory, most of us would remain under perpetual anxiety of being dehydrated!


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