Causes of bleeding gums

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It is absolutely chill inducing when you spit out blood into the basin, neither does it taste good and most definitely doesn’t look good. Bleeding gums are extremely common and almost every single person has experienced them at least once in their lives for some or the other reason, so today let’s have a look at the common causes of bleeding gums and what can be done about them.

  • Gingivitis: When the plaque on your teeth and gum line is not removed, it results in a gum disease called Gingivitis that makes the gums swell, tender and bleed while brushing or otherwise. Your dentist can help you with the same but it’s best to prevent it by regular brushing, flossing and scaling by a qualified dentist every once in six months.
  • Blood thinning drugs: There are various medications for thinning the blood that make blood lose their capacity to clot and often result in bleeding gums, especially while brushing or chewing. You should consult your dentist for the same and without fail give complete information about the medications you’re on along with the ailment the medications were prescribed for.
  • Toothbrush type- Often hard bristles in toothbrushes don’t suit most people resulting in bleeding gums while brushing and even afterwards, try switching to a medium or soft bristled brush instead. If it still doesn’t stop, the cause is different and you need to consult your dentist.
  • Blood by floss: Every person that flosses their teeth remembers bleeding at least once if not more than that. First time flossing does lead to slight bleeding and changes in flossing routines too lead to bleeding, for example you floss after a long time where you’ve lost the flow and your gums are no longer used to it. It is nothing to worry, the painless bleeding associated with flossing takes maximum of one week to stop, this should never stop you from flossing, it’s an extremely healthy oral hygiene habit.
  • Pregnancy Gingivitis: If you’re pregnant or someone you know is pregnant, do read my article on the need for oral hygiene during pregnancy because neglecting it could have an impact on the baby. Pregnancy Gingivitis is very common where pregnant moms to be experience swollen gums and bleeding while brushing, it is caused by the sudden hormonal changes and though it usually clears up after delivery, it is a must to see a dentist and also make your pregnancy explicit in words along with the medications and multivitamins consumed by you so that your dentist can treat you accordingly.

It isn’t difficult at all to maintain oral health, brushing a minimum of twice a day, flossing every alternate day, getting scaling done every six months to one year and gargling your mouth after each meal will give you long lasting strong teeth with almost no scope for issues and diseases.


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