Most common eye problems

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I needn’t talk about how important eyes are, that would be something like me insisting that I was alive when I wrote this article. For a minute forget everything and just think how much our Indian culture places importance on the appeal value of eyes, you could literally mentally count numerous songs in one minute that are based on eyes alone and I bet there are easily over a thousand! This magical creation of nature definitely doesn’t come with its own set of major and minor problems, while some are treatable at home, others require you to see an Ophthalmologist. Let’s have a look at the most common problems associated with eyes.

  • Eyestrain: This is particularly common in avid readers who can go one for hours without a break, excessive usage of the computer, long distance drivers and so on. Just like any other part of the body, eyes require rest too and eyestrain can be handled with ample rest to the eyes.


  • Redeye: Often caused by eyestrain itself among other things like sleeplessness, allergies and so on when irritated or infected blood vessels expand and surface on the eye.


  • Colour Blindness: You’re going to be shocked out of your mind to know how many people suffer from it and out of so many, most don’t even know that they may be partially colour blind or stay in denial about it. Severe colour blindness is rare but it is extremely common in minute to moderate degrees because the cone cells aren’t functional.


  • Night Blindness: A lot of people feel uncomfortable with driving post sunlight hours or complain of an unclear vision in the dark, night blindness again is rather common and mostly caused due to a Vitamin A deficiency, in some cases it is a birth defect.


  • Dry eyes: Did you know excessive dry eyes can result in a complete loss of vision, if the condition is chronic, there’s a good chance that you have dry eyes disease and need professional treatment to induce tears and get the tear glands functioning well. If it is minor and causes irritation, you can always get over the counter eye drops for it.


  • Excess tearing: Contrary to dry eyes, excessive tearing is a result of sensitivity to external factors such as wind, sun, dust, by blockage of a tear duct or by a possible infection. Your ophthalmologist can provide instant relief.


  • Cataracts: A hospital ward is witness to how many people come in with cataract, here a cloudy film develops over the lens of the eye and usually needs a cataract operation.


  • Conjunctivitis: Also referred to as sore eyes, here the tissue covering the cornea gets inflamed causing redness and pain in the eyes and it is even communicable calling for immediate treatment and safety measures to not spread it to others around.



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