How E-chigrettes as bad for your health as smoking ?

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Addiction is a scary thing, usually to get over one, people adopt another. Some people get addicted to religion after letting go addiction of alcoholism, some people get addicted to binging in an attempt to let go addiction to their love interest/ to cope with heartbreaks etc. Similarly many smokers let go their addiction to smoking in return for an addiction to the “safe” alternative of e-cigarettes or what is popularly known vape.

But let’s face it, any kind of addiction is dangerous and have you ever wondered if they are actually safer than cigarettes even if it isn’t an addiction? Let’s see what experts and studies have to say.

E-cigarettes are a battery operated alternative to the regular conventional tobacco rolled ones that provide you nicotine from burning various flavoured liquids without the smoke. Nicotine is the addictive drug naturally found in tobacco that relaxes the mind and body and vapes provide that without air release being considered as smoke. Apart from nicotine, a vape consists of more chemicals as well.

The main difference between the two is absence of tobacco from a vape, but tobacco alone isn’t carcinogenic, there are a number of harmful chemicals inside a cigarette that are also present in a vape, so the reason to believe that they are safer than the conventional cigarettes is debunked. Various studies approved by FDA have shown how vapes consist of chemicals that are proven carcinogens, and yet people go ahead and innocently buy e-cigarettes only because they are marketed as tobacco free.

Something like cancer takes several years to form and develop and unfortunately E-cigarettes haven’t even existed that long to determine if they do not cause cancer, there is very less that is known about their safety in the long run, however there is quite a lot known about their chemical ingredients that do pose the risk of cancer and other illnesses.

There is a very important reason why FDA has not approved vapes to be used as a tactic to quit smoking, that being that there are no well conducted large studies to show the same, the studies are based on very small subjects with numerous loopholes. In spite of such reality but owing to large capitalism and marketing, people most happily use vapes and the statistics have sky rocketed especially among teenagers who believe in their safety with absolute conviction. Those children who wouldn’t otherwise smoke have taken to e-cigarettes given the delusional safety aspects and exciting flavours.

To conclude, e-cigarettes have not existed long enough to determine their safety, on the contrary they contain harmful chemicals that are present in conventional cigarettes. The main brands that started it marketed it so well that it almost appeared as a revolution where every other person propagated the use of vapes without any scientific back knowledge on the same. As of today there is no validated evidence suggesting its safety over that of the traditional cigarettes and it remains your choice ultimately whether you’d want to be the next user knowing that it isn’t considered any safer.

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