How much dinner you should eat ?

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If you haven’t heard of it already, various nutritionists around the world suggest having breakfast like a king and dinner like a beggar since the body’s ability to process natural sugars in the food changes through the day and your body clock is best left undisturbed if you want to stay in shape.

That means your breakfast should be the heaviest meal where the quantities and richness of the food should keep decreasing through the day till dinner, where you eat the least. Preferably dinner should be your last meal and you should avoid snacking thereafter. Metabolism is controlled by our body clocks that makes it difficult to metabolize the same foods at night as compared to the day.

The main reason to eat a very light dinner keeping your optimum calorie intake in mind is that you are more active in the day and the food doesn’t directly convert to fat, like it does at night. Also the main assumption being that you have more or less eaten enough through the day to fulfil your required caloric intake and dinner is more so a formality to your body so that you don’t sleep hungry.

After you sleep, your body is fasting and breakfast literally means breaking-the-fast, which demands a sumptuous heavy meal to give you energy to function through the day. Do have a look at my article for the healthiest breakfast options. Another thing that matters here is having dinner in front of the TV or in a big plate, you generally tend to over eat in these cases, so it’s best to take control of it.

There are also various valid studies that emphasize the need to dine early at least with a good 2-4 hour gap between dinner and sleep for weight loss and management along with other health benefits. However, this is contested given that many experts believe that a calorie remains a calorie irrespective of the time it is consumed.

In such a fast-paced lifestyle where we are coping with professional meetings to social gatherings in the evening given that most people work during daytime, we tend to combine alcohol with excessive eating because who doesn’t enjoy a great Margerita with Tabasco sauce or chicken wings then even followed by a great ice-cream, but these have consequences our body pays the price of and if you’re looking forward to it, try keeping the quantities minimal and as early as possible.

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