5 Top Strange health facts

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Aren’t we all hogs for strange knowledge? And what’s better than knowing something interesting when it concerns each of us through health. So today we’ll have a look at 5 top strange health facts.

  • Fact 1: You can boost your energy levels by simply drinking water. Yes, you needn’t go for sugar ridden energy drinks or even caffeine for that matter, a simple glass of water can boost your energy because it raises the sympathetic nerve system activity (SNS) which is responsible for the activation of the body’s response under raised blood pressure, stress and lethargy.
  • Fact 2: Calling your mother to beat stress is almost a sure shot way to achieve your desired result. The level of oxytocin increases when you’re talking to your mother given that she is one of the few people that unconditionally love you and the stress hormone cortisol decreases.
  • Fact 3: Eat more in order to weigh less, your metabolism is improved when you keep having small to optimum meals throughout the day as opposed to starving and suddenly feasting like a complete glutton. Keep your stomach full at all times with healthy protein rich foods.
  • Fact 4: Don’t sleep more than a maximum of 8 hours a day. Yes we’ve always heard of beauty sleep and how we need as much of it as possible, but here’s a thing, those that sleep over 8 hours a day are very likely to develop metabolic syndrome that is linked to obesity, diabetes and strokes. This includes your 10-15 minute power naps.
  • Fact 5: Mend or move away from relationships that cause depression, anxiety or insecurities in you. It is found that people with attachment insecurities are very likely to develop high blood pressure, have a stroke, ulcers as well as heart attacks. This could be with your love interest, close friends of family members, either mend these relations or move away, nothing is worth such terrible health problems.

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