Why people bruise easily

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The blots ranging anywhere from blue to purple on the skin, they’re nothing but injury to blood vessels within the skin. As and when the body heals, there’s a slow yet significant colour change to the blot ranging between green to yellow till it finally disappears like it never occurred in the first place. While we all relate to our little toe being cursed with all pieces of furniture there ever were, not having bruises once in a while is almost next to impossible. However, if you experience bruises more often than not without any explanation as to where they came from, there could be a deeper cause. Let’s have a look at a few underlying reasons.

  • Ageing: Not that adulting wasn’t bad enough, as we grow older our skin loses a certain amount of fatty layer that acts as a cushion to the jerks and bumps we happen to experience. Also with age the collagen production decreases and it takes less effort than ever to bruise.
  • Disorders of blood: When the blood doesn’t clot properly, you may experience bruises more prominently and often. This is particularly in the case of those suffering from blood disorders such as Haemophilia and Leukaemia.
  • Diabetes: In this case they are not bruises, though often mistaken to be. Due to insulin resistance, diabetics may develop discoloration in areas where skin touches other skin often.
  • Lifting: If you’re a muscle maniac, bruises wouldn’t be new to you. Sometimes due to excessive lifting blood vessels tend to burst and cause bruises.
  • Hereditary: Not very often, but sometimes it is a hereditary condition that could be treated with the help of a doctor.
  • Pale skin: No it doesn’t make you prone, it just increases visibility so you may feel that you get it more than others with non-pale skin.
  • Sun damage: IF your skin is sun damaged, bruising is far more easy and noticeable as well.

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