Top 5 effective ways to sleep better

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While some of us can’t sleep enough, the others can’t get enough of sleep, but such is life. There are various things that keep us from sleeping well and out of the few most essential things in life, sleep definitely is one of them and very importantly so, your mind can get boggled into the poorest of judgments due to lack of sleep among other ill effects of not getting good sleep.

Let’s have a look at the top 5 effective ways to get better sleep.

  • Ditch digitization: Whether it is your phone or laptop or TV, for a minimum of 45 minutes to 2 hours prior to your intended time of sleeping, just don’t look at any of it even to check a message or mail. While these technologies are a boon to mankind and development, they ultimately emit lights that are not natural to our eyes thereby straining them and also putting stress on the mind to process information. There are effective studies proving it and maybe it may not help on the first day but you’ll see better results a week onwards.
  • Music: The kind of music you listen to has a great impact on your energy levels and alertness. Put on some great relaxing music, even better if it is just instrumental with slow paced beats. This calms your body down and brings it into a zone of relaxing and will swiftly transit your body into that mood.
  • Destress: Now destressing is highly subjective since for some people it might be playing with their dogs while for others it could be talking to their love interest. Do whatever works for you because that way you don’t take your stress to bed and when you don’t, the chances of you having a sound sleep and waking up fresh are a lot higher. We take enough stress during the day to fret about things at night as well.
  • Avoid sugar after evening: Haven’t we all heard of sugar rush or sugar high? Well that is as real as it can get, the sudden glucose spike in the body really activates your energy levels and it’s next to impossible to sleep well with so much energy waiting to be spent. Do you sometimes wake up feeling that you were more conscious than asleep and thinking to yourself all night which barely gave you any sleep? That’s because your mind was hyperactive and you were high on energy. Not only should you quit sugar and artificial sweeteners by switching to Stevia in general, but particularly avoid sweet foods after evening. Stevia sweetened foods are fine though. Similarly avoid smoking before bed, it makes you lose sound sleep.
  • Turn off the internet: You don’t want your phone buzzing with spam Whatsapp messages by your night owl friends or useless Facebook notifications. You may have kept your phone aside but if you’re able to know of it, it automatically subconsciously awakens the curiosity within you and even though you may control yourself from reaching out to them, it plays an indirect part of inducing restlessness and curiosity that isn’t great for sound sleep.

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