Top 5 fruits to consume during weight loss regime  

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Weight loss is a very tiring as well as trying phase in a person’s life where you’ve to be extra careful about your food consumption and you’re almost a calorie mathematician through the process. Yes fruits do have natural sugars in them but it is not wise to avoid them during weight loss. Instead you can give up on regular sugar, your artificial sweeteners available in the market and switch to natural zero calorie Stevia sweeteners and continue relishing the goodness of fruits. Let’s have a look at the top 5 most weight loss friendly fruits.

  • Tomatoes: You need to be a special kind of dull to not know tomato is a fruit, they’re delicious and loaded with antioxidants and while reducing water retention, they also help in reversing leptin resistance. Leptin is a protein that doesn’t let us lose weight. Now I needn’t say this but ketchup is not the same as tomatoes!
  • Oranges: They’re pretty low in calories and satisfy the sweet cravings making it a perfect snacking option if you want an added glow to your face with all the Vitamin C!
  • Pears: A pear is just about perfect to give you 1/4th of the fibre required by you in a day, which is a great news for your weight loss plans. IT has various health benefits and you don’t go hungry for long.
  • Apples: This gift of nature has tremendously amazing health benefits and is a perfect to go fruit when you’re aiming to be lighter. It’s a rather low calorie fruit with no fat whatsoever. Various casual studies have found that it additionally helps in weight loss. Whether they’re reliable studies is questionable but the benefits of apples aren’t!
  • Guava: Not only did the Portuguese give a chilled out Goa, but they brought along this brilliant fruit that has a low glycemic index making it suitable for diabetics and also aids digestion which is very important for weight loss.

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