Top 5 benefits of bananas

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While unlike pineapples bananas can’t be put on pizzas, they definitely can be relished in fruit salads, deserts, smoothies or just individually by themselves and that too on a daily basis given their multiple health benefits. The delicious fruit can positively impact your health in unimaginably amazing ways. Let’s have a look at the top 5 health benefits of bananas and why you need to include them in your daily wholesome diet.

  • Abundance of Vitamin B6: The fruit is high on Vitamin B6 that protects your body against the deadly Type II Diabetes, reduces swellings in the body, aids weight loss, strengthens your nervous system and also contributes to the production of white blood cells in the body.


  • High in Iron: Since bananas have a fair amount of Iron in them, they’re particularly beneficial in protecting you against anemia and supplying iron to the blood.


  • Digestive benefits: Bananas help in a healthy digestion of food since they are rich in pectin, they also detoxify the body and remove the minute quantities of heavy metal through bowel movement. They help in easing constipation along with providing relief from heartburn and acid reflux given that they are a natural antacid.


  • Disease prevention: Bananas are high in antioxidants and protect your body against free radicals and various diseases. They’re extremely beneficial in protecting you against kidney cancer. They also work well in protecting they eyes from degeneration and increase the absorption of calcium in the body which in effect protects your bone health.


  • Potassium content: Bananas promote a normal heart function thanks to the potassium content in them. A deficiency of potassium can make the heart rhythm irregular and that is a rather deadly situation. Potassium also keeps you alert, having a banana during studies or exams have proven to be a timeless strategy for increasing focus and alertness.

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