Busting Top Five Breastfeeding Myths

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Breastfeeding happens to be one of the most controversial topics with thousands of people having issues with public breastfeeding while others having issues with women not breastfeeding. Not to forget, people always have their opinions to give irrespective of whether or not they actually the required knowledge on it. However, like I’ve mentioned earlier, it isn’t wise to believe anything thrown at you under the garb of “facts” unless you have scientific backing to confirm it. Let’s bust the top five myths related to breastfeeding today, pun intended!

  • It’s always painful: Other than just initially it doesn’t pain and if it does, there’s something wrong and you need to check that the baby’s grip is fine because chances are that the baby isn’t able to be fed properly or that you suffer from an infection. In any case it is not normal for it to hurt and you probably need to get the issue verified if you feel pain.


  • Don’t feed when you’re sick: You most definitely need to maintain hygiene around your little one like keeping hands clean and not sneezing on or around the baby, but you shouldn’t stop feeding. Your milk has antibodies that strengthen the immune system of the child and protect them against illnesses. In all likelihood your baby too has been exposed to the infection while you were and it is particularly important to keep feeding.


  • Eat bland: The most common belief is that if you spice up the masalas or have heavily flavoured foods, the milk gets some of it and it can disturb the baby’s health. On the contrary however, you should eat whatever you want. So let no one tell you what you should or shouldn’t eat!


  • It is the best birth control: Wrong! You may be less likely to conceive but it definitely isn’t an effective birth control method. You still need to consult your doctor regarding methods that won’t affect the baby as well.


  • Bad mothers don’t breastfeed: This is the silliest thing I’ve heard in a while. No one gets to decide your character as a mother if you don’t breastfeed. Though it is recommended and has innumerable benefits on your child, many women aren’t able to do it for various different reasons and resort to supplements instead which is perfectly fine as long as your baby isn’t deficient.

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