Do’s and Don’ts Before going for Botox

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The cosmetic process of Botox requires you to be extra careful of just about everything because let’s accept it, we’re defying nature and going against it to artificially improvise for the sake of aesthetics. While I wouldn’t personally propagate Botox, it is obviously your personal choice and here are a few things I could guide you on before you go ahead with it.

  • Choose your doctor wisely: While there are several doctors with boards outside their clinics talking of Botox, you need to select yours very wisely because the skills of the injector can make or break your life in so far as your Botox is concerned. Have a minimum of three consultations with different experienced and skilled doctors and make your informed choice before getting overwhelmed and rushing into it.


  • Be open: The fear of being rejected for Botox can really mess your health in the long run, so you’ve got to be extremely open with your doctor about all kinds of medical histories you’ve had personally or within your family, whether you are or have been on drugs, whether you’ve had some allergies or diseases, or if you’re pregnant, breast feeding or planning to conceive and anything else you can think of or whatever your doctor asks you. Your doctor will then determine if your body is fit for Botox and whether you can go ahead with it.


  • Consider all options: Your reputed doctor should be able to guide you on whether you even need Botox in the first place. It could very well be that you could manage well with some other fillers instead. Discuss all possibilities before arriving at a wise informed decision.


  • Have complete consensus: Always remember this, you need to ensure that both, you and your doctor are on complete consensus about what you require on your face. There may be times that your doctor suggests another look but you are under no pressure to agree to something you’re not completely satisfied with. Keep discussing against all embarrassment you have until you’ve finally arrived at a consensus about your perfect look.


  • Keep questioning: This is the final point to consider, though not the last. You may have done your complete research but there will always be something you miss out on or many doubts with ambiguous answers on the internet that may not be completely satisfactory. Always keep questioning your doctor regarding all your doubts until you’re completely satisfied, who knows you may learn a lot more than you know and this will help you greatly in your decisions.

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