5 simple steps to Detox your scalp and hair

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Just like your body and skin need detox, so do your hair. Detox of the scalp involves nourishing, unclogging pores, removing toxins and promoting a healthy hair growth. There are various ways to do it and going for chemical ridden ways should not even be the last option on your mind. Let’s have a look at 5 simple steps to follow keeping in mind the ingredients easily available in India and in most Indian kitchens.

Step 1: Start with only using your fingertips alone, no oil, no water, just your clean dry hands. For a good ten to twelve minutes just massage your scalp in small circular motions to stimulate your blood circulation.

Step 2: At this point you prepare a natural homemade hair mask for yourself with 1tsp baking soda mixed with 4tsp Olive oil. It’d be a cherry on top if you could add one pinch of cinnamon powder to it.

Baking soda being one of the best natural cleansing agents will help in removing the dead skin cells on your scalp along with residue content of various things present and not to forget, it’ll remove the greasy oil. Don’t worry about your hair becoming a dry nest, the Olive oil that is rich in antioxidants and conditioning properties will nourish your hair and also help in reducing dandruff significantly. It’ll also strengthen your hair and prevent hair loss.

Step 3: This is the stage of application where you carefully apply the mask onto every part of your scalp, it’s advisable to ask someone else to do it so that no part is left out. As for the hair, just apply olive oil on them.

Step 4: Cover your head by wrapping it with anything from a swimming cap (the one that is tied, not the tight one) to shower cap to clean plastic bag. Basically anything you have at your disposal without making this complex.

Step 5: Any shampoo you use is chemical even if it says herbal or natural on it. All of them consist of SLS or SLES apart from other sulfates and parabens so don’t use a shampoo. Instead use apple cider vinegar to rinse your hair mask off. It helps in maintaining the pH of the hair along with providing a shine and restoring natural goodness in your scalp and hair.

While it isn’t always practical to do these things often, you could do it at least once a month and a maximum of one a week for healthy hair and scalp.

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