Colon Cancer Prevention Tips

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The Colon, popularly referred to as the large intestine is often very neglected and in all likelihood forgotten about after the third grade exams are done. It simply exists in the body doing its regular digestive functions with no specific thoughts even created by the brain towards it. When have you ever casually said that my large intestine isn’t performing its functions properly and hence I’m facing so and so issue? Almost never!  The same way Colon cancer happens to be one of the most underrated cancers though it’s real impact on the statistical facts in the world speak otherwise. It is undoubtedly one of the most common cancers of the world and yet we don’t spare two thoughts on it.

Let’s have a look at some simple yet effective tips on prevention of Colon cancer so that we maintain our record of never having to fret over it.

  • Maintain your weight: While this seems to be a constant struggle of just about every other individual, it not only has multiple health benefits, but also prevents various cancers. It doesn’t come as a surprise that being over weight or obese is linked to a minimum of eleven different cancers of which colon cancer is a significant one.
  • Quit being sedentary: “Something is better than nothing” has never made more sense as far as physical activity is concerned. It’d be ideal if you were to take your health and fitness seriously enough to indulge in regular exercises, but worst comes to worst you should at least make it a point to just walk for thirty minutes a day.
  • Reconsider harmful meats: The only thing good about processed meats is the taste, but everything else starting from what goes in it to what happens to your body if you consume it is nothing short of daylight horror. Not only should you kiss goodbye to processed meats, but also reconsider consumption of red meat altogether because the risk of cancer and more specifically Colon cancer substantially increases.
  • Give up on cigarettes: Enough has been and will continue to be said about smoking and I’m certain that you’re beyond tired hearing about how it causes lung cancer, but here’s an even more shocking fact, smoking stands as the major cause for over fourteen different cancers including Colon cancer.
  • Consume calcium: There’s significant evidence on the capability of calcium to protect the body against Colon cancer. Like I’ve mention earlier in other articles, your high calcium intake is a complete waste of effort if you don’t have Vitamin D to have it absorbed in your body. Find yourself a supplement that has both and you’re great to go.

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