Top 5 Beauty hacks

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Smartcure Team wishes all you beautiful people a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! The festive season involves a lot of socializing and looking great, with so much wine and alcohol the skin usually gets dehydrated and combine it with the yummy plum and rum cakes and you’re not only looking dull by the beginning of the new year, but also a couple of pounds heavier. While you need more extensive skin, health and body care to recover, I’ll just give you the top 5 beauty hacks to help a little through it.

– Keep your make-up remover right next to your bed so that while you get back home dead tired with a face full of make-up, you don’t need to put in more effort than needed to get rid of it. Sleeping with make-up on always was and will continue to be a bad idea as far as your skin youthfulness and health is concerned.

– Your lips define your face and appearance to a large extent and surprisingly you don’t need to spend a lifetime on making them look great, neither do you need fillers. Just dab some eye shadow or highlighter and look how they pop and you glam up the party.

– Now this one isn’t just your pre-party preparation related, but always a great option. Just apply Vaseline or Vicks around your nails before applying nail polish and never worry about any excess of it sticking around on the skin.

– Your favorite lipstick broke and you still want to carry it to the party? You needn’t buy a new one. All you need to do is take a lighter and heat from underneath the broken part, once it begins to melt, just reattach it as though you are making a candle stand on support of molten wax. Cool it by refrigerating it for about an hour and there you have your fixed lipstick!

– Last but certainly not the least, apply any face pack before you get ready for that instant brightness and glow that stays with you for a good long night. Since alcohol and sweets don’t reflect well on the skin, this most definitely is an effective temporary solution to brighten up your appearance for an important evening.


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