Top 10 fun body facts

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The human body is a rather complex creation of nature, so much so that even as of today we don’t have exact or cures of many health related issues. Let’s have a look at the top ten fun facts about your body that you probably weren’t aware of.

– Your brain remembers up to fifty thousand different smells you’ve breathed through your nose. It doesn’t come as a surprise when a certain smell reminds you of a thing, person or incident right?

– A fully grown adult human body consists of one lack miles of blood vessels. Try looking at just one meter to fathom how long that would be!

– Some people salivate more than others, however an average person produces enough saliva in a lifetime to fill two standard sized swimming pools.

– Have you seen the metal nails that are used on walls to hold up paintings and clocks? Your body has enough iron in it to make a three inch long metal nail.

– If you didn’t know this one, you’re in for an aesthetic surprise, your nose and ears never stop growing.

– If you thought your finger prints alone were the most unique thing that separates you from each and every person on the planet, you’ve missed considering your tongue print, which too is just uniquely yours.

– If your rods and cones are functional with a great vision, you can distinguish between ten million different colors. I wonder how guys can’t even tell the difference between violet and purple.

– Ever wondered what the human eye would be like if it were a camera? 576 megapixels to be precise!

– When people say music is life, they technically might not even be very wrong, your heartbeat changes and mimics the music you listen to.

– Never take heart health lightly and always remember that your heart creates enough energy in one day to run a whole truck for thirty-two kilometers! I can’t even walk that much without collapsing.

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