Top 14 reasons to visit a Gynecologist

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There inevitably comes a point in a woman’s life when she makes her first visit to a gynecologist which usually is never the last. Womanhood comes with its own complexities, significant parts of which require seeing gynecologists for various different reasons. Forget diamonds, gynecologists are a woman’s best friend especially in today’s world where problems crop out of no where and just about any where. Choosing a good gynecologist is extremely important because in certain instances it is as good as a make or break situation. You need to always remember that a judgmental doctor is no good for you because that way there may be many things you won’t be able to openly discuss which may backfire as far as the treatment is concerned. Let’s have a look at the top fourteen reasons that require you to visit a gynecologist.

– You’re above the age of sixteen and yet haven’t begun your menstrual cycle.

– Your menstrual cycle is very irregular wherein you don’t get your period for months together or get them in alternate months or any other irregular pattern.

– You’re above the age of fourteen and yet don’t notice any changes from puberty.

– You bleed way too much on your period which in your opinion is unusual and/or it lasts heavily for more than a week.

– Your menstrual cramps are severely intolerable and/or you experience pelvic pains.

– When you urinate, it burns and the sensation is very prominent for more than a day or two.

– You urinate frequently enough for it to disrupt your routine.

– You’ve been a victim of rape or non-consensual sex.

– You need to discuss options of safe sex and birth control suited for your body.

– You feel that you might have a risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease owing to some recent incident or for any other reason.

– You feel you’re pregnant.

– You want to get pregnant and have discussions regarding the same.

– You’re experiencing vaginal itching, soreness, redness or any other unusual discharge.

– You’ve injured your vagina or pelvic region.

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