Top 5 benefits of fasting

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If you’ve gone a whole day without food, you’ve ended up fasting. Irrespective of whether it was voluntary or involuntary, it has probably done you some good. Fasting is a rather sensitive topic because of varying multiple views on it but has become a prime concept among health conscious people lately. This however doesn’t mean you senselessly starve, it involves sensible and structured fasting that can be further discussed with experts if you’re planning to go for it. Occasionally our body needs us to fast so that it can recuperate and more often than not, the people who fast under the garb of religious beliefs once a week usually benefit from the practice as well. You may further discuss structured fasting for health benefits with an expert or with your nutritionist, until then let’s have a look at the top five benefits.

– It helps in weight loss: Contrary to the conventional belief, intermittent fasting that is structured well, forces the body to use fat as the main source of energy as opposed to sugar thereby resulting in weight loss. However, how it is structured is very important.

– It helps your immune system improve: Have you seen how animals don’t eat when they’re sick? That is because of their primal instinct that tells them to give their body rest from other functions and fight off the infection instead. We humans are the only specie that look for food when we’re ill irrespective of whether we need it or not, only because we’re conditioned to believe that if we eat, everything will be okay. However, intermittent fasting very significantly improves the immune system because it regulates the inflammatory conditions of the body, reduces the damage caused by free radicals and starves off the formation of cancer cells.

– It helps in clearing the skin: When the body is not focused on digestive procedures, it then directs its regenerative energy to focus on other aspects, one of them being clearing out toxins and making the skin glow.

– It improves your metabolism: Again contrary to popular beliefs, intermittent fasting improves your metabolic function, regulates your digestion and helps with a healthy bowel function. When your digestive system is given the optimum rest it needs, it energizes your metabolism to burn through the tough calories a lot more efficiently than otherwise.

– It improves insulin sensitivity: This is the most important benefit in my view because it helps your body in tolerating carbohydrates better than if you weren’t intermittent fasting and we can’t completely avoid carbs otherwise without restricting our diets strictly to meats without much in addition, which again has its own set of problems.

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