Top 5 health benefits of sprouts

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Predominantly a part of various cuisines worldwide and available in every supermarket, sprouts have numerous health benefits. Sprouts refer to different vegetables and plant beans in the phase after they begin to grow. In India we commonly use the moong dal sprouts or black channa sprouts as part of salads and various wet and dry vegetable dishes. Let’s have a look at the top 5 health benefits of sprouts, though there are endless of them to list.

  • Metabolic booster: Ever wondered where vegans got their proteins from? Well now you know, sprouts are high in proteins as well as certain enzymes that we don’t find in other foods, they impact the metabolic activity of the body positively.
  • Weight loss: While we were half way there with the metabolic benefits, sprouts are low in calories but very high in nutrients. The fibre content aids digestion along with keeping you full for longer. This way neither do you overeat and nor do you indulge in junk snacking.
  • Heart health: Sprouts are high in what we call the “good cholesterol” and they naturally reduce the amount of bad cholesterol from your arteries and blood vessels. They also help in relieving stress, increase circulation and lower the risk of strokes and heart attacks.
  • Immunity: A good metabolism and immune system combined is every persons dream and we’re not far from achieving it thanks to sprouts. The high Vitamin C content keep away infections and diseases while the Vitamin A content provides for antioxidant properties enough to make your immune system far better than it is.
  • Cancer prevention: The vitamins, proteins, amino acids and enzymes in sprouts can counteract the effects of free radicals in the body and substantially reduce the risk of developing cancer.

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